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That’s what we have been told, and therefore we do our best to provide updates on a wide range of topics. We help a lot of first home buyers and have New Zealand’s most popular Facebook Group dedicated to them. We also deal a lot with new build finance and non-bank finance as well as the major banks.

We also like to add some stories too as these often help explain how our mortgage advisers can help.

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What’s The Number #1 Issue For Home Buyers?

I’ve been a mortgage adviser for over 25-years, focused heavily on helping first home buyers and have seen many initiatives specifically for first home buyers come and go over that time. These have been introduced over…

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Saving Tip’s For First Home Buyers

If you are on the pathway to home ownership you will benefit from these savings tip’s for first home buyers. Create Your Budget If you are serious about saving then you need a written plan, and…

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Why Refixing On The Banking App Is A Bad Idea

As mortgage advisers with mortgages of our own we have never liked how the banks promote the idea of the easy ‘one-click’ refixing of loans on the banking Apps or websites. We do understand that it’s…

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Am I Ready For My First Home Now?

Buying my first home – is it really worth the effort or should I wait? For first home buyers, deposit is generally one of the biggest hurdles that they have, and especially in the larger centres….

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An Update On The Aera Ownership Accelerator

Aera introduced us to the Ownership Accelerator as a groundbreaking co-ownership product which was on track to launch as soon as the bank support was locked in, but unfortunately despite them receiving positive feedback and indications…

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What’s The Best Offset Home Loan?

We have a few banks in New Zealand, but only three offer an Offset Home Loan (BNZ, Kiwibank and Westpac) which is surprising given how popular they are as a way to easily manage your money…

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Low Deposit Options For Your First Home

What low deposit options are there? Most first home buyers do not have a 20% deposit and so ask if it’s worth making the effort to buy with a low deposit now or wait and save…

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The Experts At Home Loans For Nurses

Nurses and people that work in the medical industry often struggle to get home loans (mortgages) with banks. It’s not because they don’t deserve them, they actually do excellent jobs and generally work very, very hard….

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Digital Creators Now Recognised By Banks!

Over recent years, and especially since COVID more and more people are making money online and this includes those people that are full time and the many Kiwis now working online as a part-time gig or…

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Buying Your First Home in 2024

Buying your first home in 2024: Is it Worth the effort or should you wait? Is it worth making the effort to buy in 2024, or should you wait and save until you have a higher…

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Buying A Home With Friends or Family

In many countries it’s common to see people buying a home with friends or family and it’s starting to become more common in New Zealand now too. It is also becoming more common to hear that…

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What Makes A Good Home Loan?

One of the key roles for a good mortgage adviser is to provide people on what makes a good home loan. There are other things that advisers do like arranging the home loan and getting competitive…

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Does A Student Loan Affect Getting A Mortgage

As mortgage advisers, and from our Facebook Group we hear from lots of first home buyers asking “does a student loan affect getting a mortgage” and they can. The answer is YES your student loan does…

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