Privacy Policy

Privacy Act Acknowledgements: 

The name and address of the Adviser firm that will hold the information is: North West Mortgage Limited, 124 Hobsonville Road, Hobsonville and trades as Mortgage Link.

Your information will also be held by any Lenders approached by the Adviser in the course of arranging the loan. You understand that you are not required by law to provide any personal information to the Adviser, but that failure to do so will result in the Adviser being unable to obtain finance on my behalf.

You have a right to request access to and correction of any personal information held by the Adviser or by the Lender.

You understand that the personal information collected in the application forms and in the course of dealings with the Adviser is collected initially for the purposes of assessing the application for mortgage finance and may be given to a number of Lenders at the Adviser’s discretion. If the application is successful, you understand that the information will be used by the Lender for the purpose of administering the loan, and by the Lender and Adviser for administering any ongoing commission payments to the Adviser. If the Adviser has an arrangement with the Lender that the Lender will pay an ongoing commission over the term of my loan, the Lender will periodically disclose the loan balance to the Adviser. You understand that the Adviser and Lender might also use your personal information for the purposes of market research and from time to time to notify me of products or services that may be of interest to me.

You understand that the Lender will, from time to time, make the information available to the Lender’s mortgage insurer (if any), any person with whom the Lender proposes to enter into contractual arrangements, any security trustee and any assignee or potential assignee of the Lender’s rights (the “Recipients”).

Your information is never shared or sold to any other parties.

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