debt reduction

Mortgage Reduction

Most home loans in New Zealand are set up over a 30-year term, but most people really do want to pay their mortgage off much faster than that.

Imagine how much better off you would be if you did not have to pay a mortgage repayment each week, fortnight or month.

To Pay Your Mortgage Off Faster

We all want to know the secret of paying our home loans off faster.

The key thing is to make additional payments. You can enter your details into the calculators here and see how much you can save should you make a small increase to your monthly repayment.

Get A Mortgage Reduction System

The best way to pay your mortgage off faster is to get a system that will help you with ideas and to create good habits.

They say the mortgage is like an elephant in the room – it’s massive and you cannot ignore it.

“Eat My Mortgage” is an online mortgage reduction system that helps people like you structure your mortgage and then shows you how to pay their mortgage off faster.











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