Switch Your KiwiSaver To The Generate KiwiSaver Plan

You have been directed to this website as you are keen to switch your KiwiSaver to the Generate KiwiSaver plan.

The key reasons for changing are;

  • Generate are the KiwiSaver specialists … it’s all they do and they therefore need to do it well.
  • Generate will actively monitor the performance of the selected investments to ensure they meet their high standards and will change as required.
  • You can select the Generate Life Stages option that will gradually change over time to reduce the risk over time as you get nearer to retirement.
  • You will enjoy peace of mind knowing your savings are held independently by Public Trust

Of course the investment returns are important and while we would never promise better returns, its the investment philosophy that Generate have that gives confidence that they will outperform most other KiwiSaver investments over time.

The Generate KiwiSaver Brochure – BROCHURE – this explains the KiwiSaver plan.

You can also use the KiwiSaver savings calculator found on the Sorted website.

Latest From Generate KiwiSaver

Generate Funds perform well again in the latest results.

While we would never make a decision to change solely on basis of past performance, it is something that they are proud to have achieved.

  • Generate KiwiSaver Conservative was ranked 1st out of 21 Multi-Sector Growth funds for the past 5 years till 31st March 2019 with a return of 10.8% per annum (vs. average of 9.3%)*
  • Generate KiwiSaver Growth was ranked 2nd out of 7 Multi-Sector Aggressive funds for the past 5 years till 31st March 2019 with a return of 11.5% per annum (vs. average of 9.9%)*
  • Generate KiwiSaver Focused Growth was ranked 3rd out of 12 Multi-Sector Moderate funds for the past 5 years till 31st March 2019 with a return of 6.4% per annum (vs. average of 6.4%) *

You can get the latest performance to 31st March 2019 on all KiwiSaver funds here.

Switching Is Easy

Access The Generate KiwiSaver Application Form Here – APPLICATION FORM 

This can be completed online and should just take about 2-minutes.

Changing your KiwiSaver may be one of the most important and valuable decisions that you make.

Our Disclaimer

We may have discussed KiwiSaver and how it works in very general terms; however we have not provided specific investment advice.

A copy of the Generate Product Disclosure Statement can be found here: View Here

*Source: Morningstar KiwiSaver Survey Report March Quarter 2019. Please see Morningstar disclaimer at www.generatekiwisaver.co.nz/pds. Returns are after fees (before monthly admin fee and taxes). Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

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