Take Control Of Your Income Today

It’s time to take control of your income.

Most Kiwis do not believe that they have much control over what they earn, and because of this belief they end up relying on working for a wage or salary. Some that the plunge and become self-employed, but often they too are reliant on going to work each day to earn enough to live.

There never seems to be enough income to enable you to make any significant investments, so you end up stuck on the treadmill for year upon year.

You need to take control of your income and you need to start today!

What do we mean by taking control?

In life we are often controlled by others. If we are employed then we are reliant on the people that are paying our wages and salaries, and if we are self employed we are reliant on the economy and the customers to ensure that we get paid.

But there are things that we can do to take control.

Diversify Your Income

“don’t put all your eggs in one basket”

Everyone would have heard that saying, but how many of us really take much notice of the message?

People might not thing that this relates to income at all, but maybe it should.

There are many things that you can do to diversify your income, and they are easier than you might think.

You can create some extra income today and even build up a passive income to help out during times when your main income might be at risk.

We know that each person is an individual and what might suits one person may not suits someone else, but you owe it to yourself and your family to try and diversify your income. It not only helps protect you financially, but also may really help you financially to reach your financial goals and pay off your mortgage faster in good times too.

Some Ideas To Make Money & Diversify Your Income

Here we have listed some of ways that people are using to make money and therefore reduce the reliance on the main income.

These ideas will all work if you make the effort, but like all ideas they will work better for those people that are dedicated and make a real effort. You need to think about what you really like to do and see value in rather than trying to get rich quick.

For most people they start by thinking about making $100 or $200 extra per week with a small amount of work, and maybe over time this will increase.

Too often we see money making ideas that are pitched with income statistics that are unrealistic for most people, especially when you are trying to do something with just a few hours a week. We have purposely made no promises here, but we do know that all of these ideas do work.

So here is a list of ideas in no particular order;

Trade Me – most of us have purchased items on Trade me and we have probably sold items too. It’s our main online trading platform for used goods, and many businesses also sell new items on Trade Me. To most of us selling on Trade Me has been about getting rid of items that we no longer use, but there are a lot of people that do make a good extra income by selling online. The key problem for many people is being able to select and finance the purchase of goods to sell online, but there are options to use a method called drop shipping whereby you sell and get paid for the products before you actually buy the products. You can therefore start selling on Trade Me without needing to buy anything first.

Snipesoft is a New Zealand company that has created Easylister which is an easy-to-use system that will let users manage auctions on Trade Me and for sellers, or small businesses EasyWholesale is a platform where you can buy products at wholesale prices and then have the products shipped directly to your customers.

This is a good way to get started without paying for product and risking it not selling. CLICK HERE

Melaleuca – there are plenty of companies that sell products online and share the profits with people whom introduce buyers, but Melaleuca is a little different to many. Take a look at the online store and see what products you could switch to use. CLICK HERE

These are some of the ideas that we have seen and know work. We have clients that use these ideas and in some cases we have personal experience with them too.


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