Guide to Buying Your First Home by Stuart Wills

We’ve created this complete guide to buying your first home and have made it free to you.

It’s designed to help first home buyers whose may want more information to buying a home, and of course this is a complete guide with a huge amount of information..

We address the common issues that first home buyers may encounter, and also explain how to improve your chances of being approved for finance, plus what you should know about the finance and other offers too.


Your Complete Guide

My name is Stuart Wills and I’m a financial adviser with over 20-years experience.

This guide has been created to explain more about what any first home buyer should know, and with knowledge you should have the best chance of being approved so you can go ahead and buy your first home.

This is designed to answer most of your questions, but we’re always available to work through things with you too.

This is written by mortgage adviser Stuart Wills who is able to help you through the process and get you into a home sooner.

You might also want to join our Facebook group which is a very large and active group called the Kiwi First Home Buyers Group, and we have also got other guides such as the guide to First Home Partners to explain how the shared ownership works and how to easily apply and get into your first home.

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