Eat My Mortgage | The Mortgage Reduction System

Most banks and mortgage advisers are keen to arrange mortgages for you.

Some may even suggest a few ways that you can use to pay your mortgage off faster, but generally will not ensure that you actually make progress.

We have taken this a step further and now have a mortgage reduction system that you can access which helps you to pay your mortgage off faster. It’s a mortgage reduction system that you can subscribe to and it provides ongoing ideas, challenges and support so that you will actually get your mortgage paid off years quicker.

About The Eat My Mortgage Concept

eat my mortgage reduction systemWhat is it, and why should you be interested?

This mortgage reduction system is called this “Eat My Mortgage” and it’s an online system that helps people structure their mortgage and shows them how to pay their mortgage off faster.

It’s designed to be fun and engaging with challenges and rewards.

Users will pay a monthly subscription to use the system and it will show you as a user;

  • How to structure your loans – you do not have to change banks but can instead use your own bank and restructure their lending to the recommended structure.
  • How to pay your loans off faster – this is ongoing, and you will be encouraged to make small changes over time which in turn will see you pay your loans off faster.
  • How much you are saving – to keep you engaged, the system shows you how much you are saving
  • It provides you with regular reminders and tips – also to keep you engaged and on track
  • It has challenges for you to complete – there will be challenges to be completed that can help you save money and therefore pay your loans off faster.
  • It gives you access to professional support – the system provides contact with professional help through mortgage advisers in your local area
  • There is encouragement for the you to refer this system – as a user you can refer this system to other people and get financially rewarded for doing this. Firstly the money earned can offset the cost of subscribing to this debt reduction system, but it also enables you to easily earn some extra money that can be used to help pay your loans off faster.

What is the cost?

There is a cost of $46 ($40 + GST) per month to get access to this debt reduction system.

We believe is very good value when the benefits are considered and compared to the other mortgage reduction systems.

Most other mortgage reduction systems start with a lump-sum of about $5,000!

Stuart Wills says that “when I created the Eat My Mortgage concept I was very focused on making sure that it offered good value and was accessible to all Kiwis that have a mortgage so they would stay engaged and learn new habits which over time would see them pay their mortgages of years earlier and take back those thousands of dollars which are currently lining the bankers pockets.”

Contact us and we will provide you with a special introductory offer.


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