Rental Price Calculator | What Rent Can I Get?

Use an online rental price calculator to find out what rent to expect on a specific property, but remember the limitations too.

If you plan to rent out a property then it’s important to know what rent you might be able to get.

So you may need to use some easy resources to find what rent you can expect, but the best option is to get a property manager to provide you with a written apprasial.

The New Zealand Property Investors’ Federation has an online rental calculator that can be a useful first step.

rental price calculator

We also have Tenancy Services that has an online too.

rental price calculator

These are two good online tools where you can do some initial checks to see what rent you might be able to expect.

Both of these online online rental price calculators use historic information, so in a market where rents are increasing you may find that they are a little low and conversely when the market has declining rents they may be a little high.

An online rental price calculator is not designed to be fully relied on, but it does give you an opportunity to check out expected rents in areas that may not be too familiar to you. This is especially useful when you are searching for a rental property and need to know the expected rents quickly.

The most accurate way to establish what rent you can get is to get a good property manager to do an assessment for you.



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