What is eat my mortgage?

People are asking what is eat my mortgage?

Eat my Mortgage is an online mortgage reduction system.

Through this online system you will learn how to structure and manage your loans with your existing bank and pay your mortgage off much faster.

It has been designed as an online system to ensure that it keeps the cost done. Other mortgage reduction systems are very expensive and while the people promoting them will argue that they are good value, the cost puts off the people that may benefit from them. Eat my Mortgage was designed to be affordable for ordinary Kiwis with the view of making this the most popular mortgage reduction system in New Zealand.

Eat My Mortgage programme goes beyond just showing you how to set up your loans.

You will also be given regular challenges aimed to help you pay your mortgage off faster, plus you will be rewarded as you go.

The concept is to make the huge task of paying your mortgage more palatable by looking at a number of small things that you can do over time to pay the mortgage off faster.

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