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North West Mortgages Limited is a locally owned and operated business of mortgage advisers trading under the name Mortgage Managers.

We have previously traded as both Mortgage Supply and  Mortgage Link.

Based in Hobsonville, we are also set up to enable us to work with people throughout New Zealand and even borrowers located overseas. As long as the property is located in New Zealand then we can provide advice and source mortgage finance.
It’s also important to know that we are not limited to just bank mortgages.

We have access to a range of non-bank lenders offering both first mortgages and second mortgages, property development finance and bridging loans plus we also have access to lenders that can offer personal loans and business loans too.
Please contact us if you have any questions about finance.

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As mortgage advisers we know how to ensure that your finance application is successful. Use our experience to save you time and making sure that you get the best deal too.

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A simple review can highlight savings that can be made. It is often just a few tweaks that is needed and that might see you paying your mortgage off a lot faster and saving you $$$$
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Use our simple mortgage calculator to work out your repayments, but always talk to one of our mortgage advisers to ensure you are getting the best interest rates from the bank plus they will show you how you can pay off your mortgage faster!
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For A Common Sense Approach To All Things Finance Related

Our mortgage advisers discuss the complex world of finance in easy to understand language and have a common sense approach which makes things seem simple.

New Zealand Mortgage Advisers – we work with people living outside of New Zealand but whom require finance on New Zealand property.

Auckland Mortgage Advisers – we help Auckland people buy properties within Auckland but also properties in other areas of New Zealand

North Shore Mortgage Advisers – from our offices in North West Auckland we are only minutes away from Auckland’s North Shore.

West Auckland Mortgage Advisers – we have been based in West Auckland since 2004 and have helped hundreds of people with home loans and other finance.

We trade as Mortgage Managers but our company is North West Mortgages Limited.

The Financial Advice Provider (FAP) is North West Mortgages Limited.

The Financial Services Provider (FSP) number is 682791

The transitional license for North West Mortgages Limited was issued by the Financial Markets Authority (FMA)